Discovering Me: Part 1

If you follow my Twitter or Instagram account you may know that for the holidays I received both AncestryDNA and 23andMe ethnicity kits. Well after waiting, very impatiently, for five weeks I finally got the results back from one of my tests!


Cinnamon Banana Muffins

Surprise! It’s a recipe post! I know you’re probably thinking but this isn’t a food blog?! So far in three weeks of blogging no two posts have been the same – that’s just how my life is! My interest vary so much, but one thing I enjoy is baking. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you may have seen my picture of cinnamon banana muffins I made for my mother’s birthday.


The Liebster Award

Thanks for joining me again for another post! I haven’t been in the blogging community long, just over two weeks in fact, so I was surprised and honored when I woke up this morning to a nomination for the Liebster Award. I was nominated by Chloe over at Being Chloe, Chloe is an awesome new beauty and lifestyle blogger. Thanks again Chloe! 


My Time at Auschwitz & How I Escaped Poland

It was the autumn of 2015 and I was in the middle of my very first solo trip in Europe. I had already established a great love for exploring Europe and an even greater love for learning about the second World War. So I made it my mission to visit places I had dreamt about seeing since I was twelve years old, and made a big part of my trip about seeing sites of the war. Little did I know what it would leave a lasting mark on me, and not just from the history. 


10 Things Making Me Happy Right Now

The holiday season is officially behind us now and with it so is all the talk about what we are thankful to have. I don’t understand why we only talk about these things around holidays. So it got me thinking, what are things making me happy right now and that I’m thankful for?


5 Ways I Make Money From Home

Most of us have all wondered about ways to make money from home I am sure. I use to look for ways often to help reach my traveling goals fasters on top of my 9-5 job. Then when I became pregnant it turned into a search to make an income while I stayed home to raise my son. Whether you…

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