How I Found Dresses Under $40 for My Bridesmaids: and You Can Too!

For a lot of women it’s wedding planning season, yay 2018 brides! If you caught my post on how I scored my amazing wedding dress on a budget, you know I am all about keeping wedding costs low. (If you didn’t read it you can do that here!) Personally I am not someone to spend a lot of money on myself, especially clothes. The thought of dropping thousands on my wedding made me want to go for a quick court house wedding, but then I got crafty. If I am not willing to spend the money on my own wedding dress then I of course can’t ask my friends to spend money on their bridesmaid dresses. Most dresses aren’t ones you can wear anywhere else, so why spend hundreds!?

Bargin Hunting

While I was hunting for an affordable wedding dress I found a lot of cute bridesmaid dress, in fact I was considering buying myself a white bridesmaid dress to save money. It wasn’t hard for me to find styles I liked, but I did like long dresses which added to the cost. I didn’t want to change my mind and go short though. Since I live in Michigan and we are getting married mid May it will still be chilly. Two of my bridesmaids would be considered plus size (I hate women’s sizing by the way) and one is quite small. I needed to find something that would be flattering to everyone, affordable and full length. Easy, right? I stayed away from bridal stores and websites, the only thing they carried under $100 was left over stock in a few sizes and colors. Etsy had great options, but were still around $100 and I knew I could do better!

The Holy Grail

When I found Amazon was such an affordable place for weddings I was hooked! If you have never considered Amazon you really should. They carry everything you could need for your wedding all in one place. I was so pleased to find a dress I really love in one of my wedding colors, that meets all the things I need.

Not only that, but it has prime shipping and free returns! If things couldn’t look any better I even found a “standard” size and “plus” size listing. It was meant to be, and I couldn’t pass it up when I saw the dress was under $40! One of my bridesmaids is flying home (cross country) for the wedding and I really didn’t want to ask her to shell out big bucks on top of her ticket, so the price was perfect. The nice, simple look with cute lace detail is very flattering on all girls.


Now there are a few things to keep in mind if you shop online, but don’t let it scare you. I hear so many women say they would never buy online/on amazon because they are afraid. If you go about it in a smart way you will be just fine!

  1. Check reviews – this is a big one! I ruled out all dresses with no reviews or poor reviews.
  2. Prime & returns – This isn’t a must but really helpful! Prime shipping and free returns make it really easy to find a dress that is the correct size/color. (or look for a dress that can be custom sized)
  3. Look for photos – Customer posted photos are best way to make sure the dress is what you expect. This way you know if anyone had surprises you don’t want to find when you open your package!
  4. Don’t be afraid to contact the seller – Talking with a seller is a great way to answer any questions and some will even take your measurements so you won’t need alterations.

Get Creative

For me Amazon was the perfect place to shop for my wedding. I hope that my experience can at least help you get creative with your wedding planning experience. Don’t be afraid to forego traditional wedding ways, there is no reason to start out a marriage paying for wedding debt! Remember your wedding is about the love you and your partner share, not the size or price tag of your wedding.

If you have bought or buy your dresses from Amazon I would love to see and hear about your experiences!

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