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Wedding Invitations that Won’t Break the Bank

If you’ve been keeping up with me on social media, and previous posts, you’ll know I am getting married soon! I’m big on keeping wedding costs low, and I love to craft, so I decided to make our invitations. It was a huge budget saver so I thought I’d share a little ‘how to’ on the process I used.

Getting Started

First things first you need to plan out what you want your invites to look like and materials. I went with craft brown cards/envelopes and greenery. Of course you’ll need an idea of how many you’ll need as well.

Materials Needed

  • Straight edge cutter
  • Corner cutter   (I also used this corner cutter)
  • Cards – enough to cover the amount you need
  • Glue (stick or craft glue however fancy you want to get. I just used stick glue)
  • Paper (I used regular printer paper but you can use a heavier weight of course)
  • Images or template


I started with finding images on Etsy I wanted to use in making my invites. There are thousands of options on Etsy, you can purchase a download of just images like I did or a full template so you just have to plug in your information. I opted for just images since they were only $5 and a full template usually runs at least $15.

Then I picked a few images and created the layout of my invite, I used Pages on my Mac but Word works just as well of course. I added in a text box with our wedding information, and that was it! I did the same for a RSVP card as well. Now all that is left is print, cut and assemble.

I was able to fit two invites to a page and four RSVPs to another. I printed each out on my home printer, but you could always take your design/template to a print shop or stores like Staples, that will print them for you.

While I was printing one of my bridesmaids helped cut my cards in half. I bought regular cards and envelopes at my craft store, it was cheaper than online. (plus I had a coupon!)

From there she took one half of the card and cut it in half again for the RSVP. For each card I bought I was able to get one invite and two RSVPs. Since I obviously didn’t need twice the amount of RSVPs I only cut enough in half to match the amount I needed.

After printing I decided to work on all the invites first to break up the work a bit. I didn’t want to get burnt out on all the cutting. I used my straight edge cutter to cut out the invites and once I had a pile I used a corner cutter to round the edges. Rounding the edges made them look nicer and less “homemade”. I also rounded the edges of the cards as well.

Once you have the cutting finished all that is left is glueing the invite to your card. Make sure you smooth the invite down, especially if you use a liquid glue. To ensure I got a good bond between the paper and card I made a stack after glueing and topped it with a book. I let the stack sit for a few hours to make sure everything was dry.

Once all invitations were finished I repeated all the steps with the RSVP cards.


While I was waiting for everything to dry I found some envelopes laying around that would fit my RSVP cards and addressed them. Even though the address would be on the invitation I wanted to make it as easy as possible for everyone, and to be assured the replies would make it back to us.

I also picked up an address book at the dollar store to keep track of everyones addresses. I should have done it after my baby shower last year, and after hunting down addresses again I wasn’t about to do it for thank you’s or if we have a big party for Masen’s birthday this summer.

Don’t be afraid to make your invites or save the dates yourself. You don’t have to be a super crafter to make gorgeous cards, it is a lot easier than you think. You can use the same steps for more than wedding invites. Get creative and save money on save the dates, shower invites, thank yous, birthday invites and more!

If you have made your own invites I would love to see them!

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    1. Glad you found it useful! I wish I would have made my baby shower invites last year. Congrats! And I hope to see pictures if try your hand at making your own!

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