Life Update: Feeling Unmotivated

When I set out on this blogging adventure three months ago I had no idea how amazing this community would be. Everyone is so supportive and understanding, which is so helpful on days I’m lacking the motivation. I think a big thing that held me back from writing before was knowing I wouldn’t be able to stick to a schedule.

Turns out you all understand that! We all have lives outside of our blog and all go through it. Not to mention those of us that struggle with mental health issues. Winter has been hanging on here in Michigan and with it so has my blue mood.

Or so I thought. Due to that lack of motivation I started writing this post weeks ago and didn’t get very far. I thought the cold weather lingering was getting me down but really there was a lot more to it.

April 10th started like any other day, go get the baby from his crib, go to the bathroom and then change his diaper. The difference being after I changed his diaper I walked back into the bathroom to check the pregnancy test I just took. I’m not sure what made me take it as I hadn’t really felt different other than having horrible headaches, but there it was….

Two lines. A positive test. Let the freak out begin! I couldn’t believe it, we hadn’t been trying and honestly I even if we had there hadn’t been much time to try if you know what I mean 😉

Fast forward a couple weeks and here I am 7 weeks pregnant with a 9 month old. It’s rough. He hasn’t been sleeping through the night all of a sudden so I’m not getting the sleep my hormonal body wants. Which means don’t be surprised if I continue to have infrequent posts. Taking care of a tiny human, growing another, prepping for our up coming wedding all on top of everyday life. It’s a lot.

I’m just trying to take it one day at a time and prepare myself for having two under two. Only 16 months apart.

It’s a small update with big news but there’s a cranky boy in need of a nap calling me!

6 thoughts on “Life Update: Feeling Unmotivated

  1. Wow! Congratulations! I couldn’t imagine having one let alone one right after another, I give you credit! but you are strong and know what’s going on, you’ll ace this test!

    1. Thank you! It’s going to be a lot but I’m excited to be growing our family even if we weren’t planning to just yet.

  2. I have already said it but congratulations! Sometimes we just know when to take a test and other times our mind tricks us. I’m so happy for you – that must have been a surprise. I know that you have a lot of stress coming up with being pregnant, being a mommy to a little one, and your upcoming wedding – hang in there, we understand!

    Best of luck sweetie!

    CiCi | Navigation To Happiness

    1. Thank you so much! The wedding is just a couple days away now so that stress is almost over! We get to see this new little one soon which will finally make it real and I can’t wait. The future hubby has finally come around and while he’s not as gushy about it as the first, it has sunk in now and he’s accepted our family is growing 🙂

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